Sustainability Expo 2023

For the fourth consecutive year, the 2023 Sustainability Expo (SX 2023), unfolded as a spectacular showcase of innovation and expert project management at Bangkok's Queen Sirikit National Convention Center. Running from September 29 to October 8, 2023, the expo spanned an expansive 40,000 square meters, featuring five interconnected exhibition zones that highlighted various sustainable practices across multiple sectors. Dhospaak, the event organizer, entrusted Pico with the responsibilities of the one main exhibition zone, four main highlight booths, and 18 booths.

Centered around the theme 'Good Balance, Better World' the expo aimed to heighten awareness and prompt action on climate change, resource depletion, and social inequality. Pico transformed a 2,400 square meter space into an engaging center for sustainability education, utilizing cutting-edge technology and interactive applications such as mapping projections, touchscreens, and games to significantly enhance the visitor experience.

The main starting point, the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy (SEP) Inspiration zone, presented a multimedia experience featuring globe mapping and 360° multimedia animations. Visitors were able to explore the dual dimensions between an unbalanced world and a well-balanced one, vividly illustrated through the severe impacts of global warming, global boiling and the dire consequences of inaction. On an interactive touchscreen, the Alliances Zone unveiled a collection of innovative sustainable projects under royal patronage and initiatives from diverse organizations dedicated to fostering livelihoods while preserving ecological balance—all inspired by the philosophy of sufficiency economy.

The Better Living section displayed exemplary practices and projects by prominent sustainability organizations, underscoring their commitment to integrating business operations with environmental responsibility, and their dedication in advancing environmental conservation and the circular economy.

Lastly, the Better Community Zone; Cultural Heritage zone and Innovation Lab celebrated the power of strong communities to safeguard and elevate quality of life, fueling active contributions to both national and global development efforts.

This event not only delivered an engaging, educational, and technologically advanced experience but also set a new benchmark in sustainability practices.