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Board of Directors

The company has eleven board of directors members consisting of six non-management directors of which four are independent directors as follows:

  • Mr. Chia Song Heng1
  • Mr. Chaiyod Bunyakidj2
  • Mr. Manus Manoonchai3
  • Mr. Siow Chee Keong4
  • Mrs. Sasitorn Phongsathorn5
  • Mr. Chung Chee Keong6
  • Ms. Chia Yuan Jiun7
  • Mr. Chaijit Tehasuwanarat8
  • Mr. Viriya Pholpoke9
  • Mrs. Suttharug Panya10
  • Ms. Supaporn Sawangjitt11
  1. Mr. Chia Song Heng
    Chairman of the Board of Directors
  2. Mr. Chaiyod Bunyakidj
    Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, Independent Director
  3. Mr. Manus Manoonchai
    Independent Director
  4. Mrs. Sasitorn Phongsathorn
    Independent Director
  5. Mr. Siow Chee Keong
    Independent Director
  6. Mr. Chung Chee Keong
  7. Ms. Chia Yuan Jiun
  8. Mr. Chaijit Tehasuwanarat
  9. Mr. Viriya Pholpoke
  10. Mrs. Suttharug Panya
  11. Ms. Supaporn Sawangjitt