ABAC & APEC CEO Summit 2022

In the wake of its border reopening, Thailand embarked on the task of hosting the APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) 2022 and the APEC CEO Summit 2022. This marked the first time since the lifting of the prolonged pandemic restrictions that the events were held in an in-person format. Pico was tasked with organizing and executing various aspects of the two events, including the project's logo and key visual design, event management, logistics, and production. Pico's responsibilities also encompass the construction and decoration of designated venues, management of the registration system, and curation of programs for the welcome ceremony, gala dinner, and performances.


In order to provide a contextual understanding of the events, it is noteworthy to mention that ABAC serves as the private-sector arm of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, which was instituted to offer guidance to leaders and other officials of APEC on matters relating to business. The APEC CEO Summit 2022 is a highly esteemed assembly of distinguished business and government leaders from the Asia-Pacific region. Pico engaged in a year-long planning process for the event themed "Embrace Engage Enable," which entailed the coordination of six functions aimed at welcoming business representatives from 21 APEC member economies.


The logo's design was inspired by the 'Dok Loi,' a traditional Thai interweaving pattern utilized in basketry and wicker craft. The pattern comprises twenty-one components that form a flower shape, symbolizing the sterling collaboration among the members. The symbol 'Dok Loi' embodies the dawn of a prosperous future and a significant step towards global transformation that prioritizes inclusivity and sustainability. The color blue is meant to represent openness; pink is indicative of the connections found within intertwined relationships between the members; and the color green symbolizes balance.

The conference and luncheon of ABAC 2022 were held on November 13–16 at the Athenee Hotel with 63 participants from 21 member economies. The Art of the Kingdom Museum and Wat Phra Mahathat are the venues designated to house the spouse program. The gala dinner hosted at Museum Siam features "Churning of the Milk Ocean, a 22-performer piece of contemporary Thai performance inspired by a part of the Ramayana epic where the asuras (the demons) assist the Devas (the gods) in recovering the amrita, the elixir of immortality. In line with the performance, the gala dinner is crafted as a gastronomic and metaphorical interpretation of the discovery of the 21 member economies. Conceptualized as "Into the Himmaphan", the exquisite dinner course is a perfect marriage between Thai tropical vegetables and fruit and local and imported ingredients.

Starting with the traditional pomelo salad, the interlaced flavors and textures of toasted coconut and chili sauce with fried soft-shell crab, following with the world-famous Thai Tom Kha soup, which brings together black garlic mousse, handmade chili lemon oil, sea bites, and charcoal-roasted tiger prawns. Guests are offered the choice of a fish or meat dish for the main course, Gaeng Kua Pla, Chilean sea bass cooked in curry with aromatic betel leaves, served with pink vermicelli and crushed kaffir lime; and Gaeng Rawaeng Neua, grain-fed Australian Black Angus ribeye, cooked in curry, and served with rice flavored with torch ginger and butterfly peas, eggplant caviar, and coconut mousse flavored with chile and basil. The dessert called Sra Anodard, inspired by Anodard Pond, the pound situated in the middle of Himmaphan Forest, combines the delicate textures and sophisticated tastes of Japanese-melon-flavored pearl sako cooked with the reverse spherification process, sweet basil sponge, butterfly pea cream custard, and an infusion of wild rose.

Over 2,000 delegates attended the 17–18 November 2022 APEC CEO Summit conference, which was hosted at the Athene Hotel. The reception, which took place at the River Park, ICONSIAM, featured "Cradle of Cultures," a performance where 40 performers showcase a number inspired by traditional dances from the four regions of Thailand, whereas the gala dinner "Connect the World" at the Royal Paragon Hall, Siam Paragon, has the 25-performer piece as one of the highlights.