The 13th Makro Shohuay

The brief

Makro, one of the largest wholesale centers in Thailand, desired to organize the 13th Makro Shohuay (“Shohuay” also known as a grocery or retail store) under the concept of “Choice of Success created by Shohuay” communicates to the group of retailers and grocery stores that Makro is ready to bring everyone to success.

With the goal of refreshing and upgrading the event’s image and strengthening its positioning, Makro is looking for novelty that will attract more target groups. Pico was appointed to provide a campaign concept and manage all aspects of event planning, design, construction, and operation for the 13th edition of ‘Makro Shohuay’.


Though they play a significant role in local communities, small grocery shops are increasingly being supplanted in Thai cities by chain convenience stores. With Makro Shohuay, Makro seeks to underline its bond with small grocery owners and their culture. The 13th Makro Shohuay, not only refreshing and upgrading the image of the event but also providing smart grocery solutions such as “Smart Shohuay”, “Friend of the Community,” or “Buddy Mart” to its customers, would emphasize the brand’s unique selling proposition as Thailand’s wholesale center leader.


Pico initiated the planning process with a new floorplan and diagonal grid, as well as new zoning, to guide visitors, reduce the event’s blind spots, enhance their experience, and create customer engagement. Those arriving at the venue were welcomed with the sign emblazoned with the theme ‘13th Makro Shohuay: Mitrland; Land of Smart Shohuay’ – the Thai mitr translating as ‘true friend of...’.

Major focal points of the event included a mock-up store redesigned with an emphasis on visibility, accessibility and key brand colours. Exhibition stands were similarly modernised to enhance their overall look and feel. Visitors could also stop to take in a diverse range of activities at the Mitr Tae Shohuay Centre, Makro Pro (digital solutions and apps), Buddy Land (franchised convenience stores), House Brand and Workshop pavilions. These included digital interactions such as web-based QR stamp collecting, motion-tracked interactive games, and a ‘dream Shohuay shop’ program to help customer easily visualising when deploy shelf, fridge, p.o.s., signage, etc.

A vital digital component of the event was Pico’s introduction to use a QR Code scanning to collect basic visitor information for event registration and collect their journey data. The QR code was also linked to activities held at the pavilions, allowing visitors to collect points and redeem prizes. Additionally, visitors could use the client-developed app to shop for groceries online, with points collected from their purchases available for event activities.

Another major draw were live performances on the venue’s main stage. Locally famous singers performed twice daily.


From the concept of “Smart” that desired to transform a “Shohuay” to be a “Smart Shohuay” with new success formulas for making profits and answering the needs of Shohuay’s owners, including promotions from more than 200 partners’ booths. The client regarded the 13th Makro Shohuay as a thorough success, drawing a total of 7,663 visitors over its four-day duration.