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Management Team

Our Management team is composed of motivated and passionate individuals who take an active role in all aspects of Pico Thailand’s business and execute strategies to adapt our service to the unique needs of our customers.

  • Mr. Chokchai Vatcharanirunkul
  • Ms. Supaporn Sawangjitt
  • Mr. Chayaphol Kalapaphongse
  • Mr. Thitinan Nantanapramoth
  • Mr. Petai Panmanee
  • Mr. Thitiphongdech Rongkavong
  • Ms. Suthira Silakote
  • Ms. Yuppares Nimlekh
  • Mr. Thanakorn Panachaweng
  • Dr. Nipaporn Kunlasomboon
  • Mr. Janat Thiengsurin
  • Ms. Amara Banditakon
  • Dr. Rawichote Chalodhorn
  • Ms. Uraikorn Sirichotirat
  • Ms. Piyawadee Honark
  1. Mr. Chokchai Vatcharanirunkul
    Senior Executive Vice President
  2. Ms. Supaporn Sawangjitt
    Executive Vice President
  3. Mr. Chayaphol Kalapaphongse
    Vice President
  4. Mr. Thitinan Nantanapramoth
    General Manager
  5. Mr. Petai Panmanee
    General Manager
  6. Mr. Thitiphongdech Rongkavong
    General Manager
  7. Ms. Suthira Silakote
    General Manager
  8. Ms. Yuppares Nimlekh
    General Manager
  9. Mr. Thanakorn Panachaweng
    General Manager
  10. Dr. Nipaporn Kunlasomboon
    Education Specialist
  11. Mr. Janat Thiengsurin
    Creative Director
  12. Ms. Amara Banditakon
    Accounting Manager
  13. Dr. Rawichote Chalodhorn
    IT Manager
  14. Ms. Uraikorn Sirichotirat
    Asst. General Manager
  15. Ms. Piyawadee Honark
    Asst. General Manager